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Submitted by barnettech on Thu, 03/14/2024 - 14:00

Here's a link to our AI talk to your data Demo: https://youtu.be/0v5_1rP-GfU Let WebTechKitchen help you with your AI integration strategy! No matter what language your site is in, be it Drupal, Wordpress, .NET, Ruby, etc. contact info@webtechkitchen.com to hire us to integrate an AI assistant to replace your legacy search functionality. You'll have your very own AI assistant trained on your private data available on your intranet or public facing website.

For Drupal users: we have a new module published for the community. This functionality can be setup by us in any type of website as well (not just for Drupal). OPENAI SEARCH module. Integration for Drupal (https://www.drupal.org/project/openai_search) This module allows you to have a private chatgpt instance, and to have it searchable within your website (whether it be Drupal, .net, Ruby, Python, Wordpress or any flavor of website). You basically can "GPT" chat with your own website, and you can add as many documents (pdfs etc) to the knowledgebase as well. Your website can be crawled such that all your pages will be embedded into the private ChatGPT module. As I said an added feature is, you can give us any documents you wish to be crawled to add to the dataset. Email us to get started and to get an api key for us to setup a GPT instance for you to connect this module to. It works very similar to the Solr project. We host the GPT server for you to restfully connect to with all your private data, which will be secure, and kept entirely private, and you can expose that data as you like through your Drupal sites (or any type of site actually -- it will work with .net, python, ruby, java, etc) For those using Drupal a block is available to place anywhere where you can search your data. As well the restful API is available if you want to develop your own use cases against your "GPT" restful endpoint. For Drupal users: https://www.drupal.org/project/openai_search For other flavors of websites (Python, Ruby, Java, Wordpress etc) we provide a restful endpoint to interact with your GPT

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