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debugging migrations

Submitted by barnettech on Tue, 10/31/2023 - 10:53

also install migrate_sandbox module

  - plugin: skip_on_empty
    source: src_fruit_list
    method: process
    message: 'No fruit_list listed.'
  - plugin: debug
    label: 'Step 1: Value received from the source plugin: '
  - plugin: explode
    delimiter: ','
  - plugin: debug
    label: 'Step 2: Exploded taxonomy term names '
    multiple: true
  - plugin: callback
    callable: trim
  - plugin: debug
    label: 'Step 3: Trimmed taxonomy term names '
  - plugin: entity_generate
    entity_type: taxonomy_term
    value_key: name
    bundle_key: vid
    bundle: tags
  - plugin: debug
    label: 'Step 4: Generated taxonomy term IDs '